The Bull

17 Lines Street, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 5ES

Completed application 041779 which is a Variation Application for Premises Licence from 08/03/2017 to indefinite


Full Name Amber Taverns Ltd

Designated Premises Supervisor

Full NameMiss Gail DYCHE

Permitted Activities

Premises Open Hours Requested
Time FromTime To
Monday - Sunday 09:00 00:30
Activities - Times Requested
Time FromTime To
B. Exhibition of films (Indoors)
Monday - Sunday 10:00 00:00
E. Performance of live music (Indoors)
Monday - Sunday 10:00 00:00
F. Playing of recorded music (Indoors)
Monday - Sunday 10:00 00:00
G. Performance of dance (Indoors)
Monday - Sunday 10:00 00:00
H. Entertainment of a similar description to that falling within E, F, or G (Indoors)
Monday - Sunday 10:00 00:00
J. Supply of alcohol for consumption ON and OFF the premises
Monday - Sunday 09:00 00:00

Additional Conditions